Nate Scott, Florida

My purpose of wellness embraces spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and financial wellness initiatives. LIMU is in harmony with this and has been a natural fit into my message. My new BMW 750i, care of LIMU, is a daily reminder that daily habits build character.

Within 60 days of deciding to drink LIMU ORIGINAL®, I stopped taking blood pressure medicine that I had been on for over 8 years. The product stood alone, independent of an opportunity, and that made it easy for me to share.

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About Nate Scott

Nate Scott is a Christian, Husband, Father, Friend, Professional, Entrepreneur, and Public Servant. His personal mission is to live each day principle-centered based upon Biblical teachings and to be a person of value and positive influence in the lives of the people within his circle of influence. As the co-author of the book, "Pillars of Success", he shares how his faith and life experiences enabled him to become a millionaire at 32. He enjoys working out, basketball, and leisure travel. For additional information, visit or schedule a :15 minute consultation @ 904.838.2623.
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