Tragic Flaw #1: Talking To People Without Your Sponsor

“The Mistakes Beginning Network Marketers Make.”
A huge mistake that new network marketers make is that they talk to people without their sponsors.
Plain and simple, a newbie simply doesn’t have the background in the company or in a good process to go about showing the opportunity or the products to new people.
As a result, they can blow a lot of quality leads out the door that could have been properly nurtured if only they had talked to their first few warm market contacts with their
Key point: Access does not equal credibility.  You have access to people in your warm market; however, you don’t necessarily have credibility with them.
Check out this video, Here’s the link again.

About Nate Scott

Nate Scott is a Christian, Husband, Father, Friend, Professional, Entrepreneur, and Public Servant. His personal mission is to live each day principle-centered based upon Biblical teachings and to be a person of value and positive influence in the lives of the people within his circle of influence. As the co-author of the book, "Pillars of Success", he shares how his faith and life experiences enabled him to become a millionaire at 32. He enjoys working out, basketball, and leisure travel. For additional information, visit or schedule a :15 minute consultation @ 904.838.2623.
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One Response to Tragic Flaw #1: Talking To People Without Your Sponsor

  1. Sherri says:

    I wish I knew about this video prior to starting,maybe that’s why all my initial contacts with family and friends said no. That initial list of 25 blown. Followed the GST, but no credibility to get them to a Challenge Party. Now I’m prospecting all the time as my warm market tanked. My sponsor just said follow the GST, (on my own), call if you need to practice, call if you want to 3 way me with a promoter, you’ll make RS, I just know it. That was the information I was given as a new promoter. Thanks for this blog of useful information, it’s awesome as I don’t want to duplicate how I was treated.

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