In December 2011, I started the 6amEST Daily Habit Call (DHC) as a way to demonstrate value to the market place. So many lives have been transformed. Now the DHC is officially a live event. Please Review, Comment, and Share. TEXT ME to Pre-Order the 1 hour video. This is just the beginning.

Be Blessed.

  • Nate Scott
  • 904.838.2623
  • Nate@AskNateScott.com

About Nate Scott

Nate Scott is a Christian, Husband, Father, Friend, Professional, Entrepreneur, and Public Servant. His personal mission is to live each day principle-centered based upon Biblical teachings and to be a person of value and positive influence in the lives of the people within his circle of influence. As the co-author of the book, "Pillars of Success", he shares how his faith and life experiences enabled him to become a millionaire at 32. He enjoys working out, basketball, and leisure travel. For additional information, visit www.SucceedwithNateScott.com or schedule a :15 minute consultation @ 904.838.2623.
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  1. Tammy Cuevas says:

    Wow, Wow,Wow!!! This first Live Event was a pivotal point for the Daily Habit Call (DHC).
    To be a participant and to see it unfold in front of my eyes was Phenomenal and Exciting! If you are looking to change your current situation whatever it may be. Then commit to an hour every morning to the DHC. This call provides a great interactive platform and will help equip you with the necessary tools to transform your life. Ultimately, It is up to you to take the first step. Join us on the DHC and I will see you at the next Live Event.

  2. JC & Tonya Cajuste says:

    Though my wife and I were unable to attend The Experience, we are blessed to participate on the DHC each day. When we initially made the decision to participate on the DHC, we were looking at it from the standpoint of helping us to grow our business. To our amazement, this call is so much more than that. Nate Scott does delve into personal development, leadership, accountability, and self-analysis, but he does it from the perspective of faith. For us, that was key. As people of faith, we found that we had misconceptions as it relates to God’s desire for our success. With the help of the DHC, we have improved our collective money blueprint and through applying the principles we learn each day, we have seen growth in so many areas of our lives. We had to put in some work; perform constant self-analysis and admit when we are falling short. Thankfully, we have one another to work through this with – and our marriage has benefited tremendously as a result. We recognize that our growth is continual and the DHC is the daily injection that keeps us growing. In the video, there was a 19 year old who talks about being excited to apply the principles he learned at The Experience. We are so glad for him because at 19 we were not in a place to fullly embrace these principles. What we know, however, is that it is never too late to make changes and live the life you were designed to live. In the past few months, the DHC has exposed us to books that, in our opinion, hold the keys to a happy and successful life. We encourage everyone who believes there is more to life than what they see each day to wake up and 6am and join us on the Daily Habit Call. It will positively change your life!

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