Would You Walk Away From A Guaranteed $60M?

…Well that depends on my current situation and on my belief in the future.  The Bible says that “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen”, so the vision of an entrepreneur and his burning desire to see it come to pass is the determining factor.

“Our goal is to be the first product-based company in direct selling history to reach $1 Billion revenue run rate purely in North America. We think we can hit a $1 Billion run rate purely in the U.S. and Canada. We believe it’s possible.”-Blake Mallen

In July 2012, I attended the Vitality event in Miami, FL.  The high energy, informative, inspirational, content rich event was rocking with over 15,000 people in attendance.  Although I was not a promoter or customer of the company, I was fully engaged and expected to gain something of value from the event.  It was an amazing experience and rivaled some of the best that I’ve ever attended. I was able to hear and understand the story of the founders and the history of the company. Most importantly, I heard some information that spoke to me at a corporate/investor level that leads me to believe that Visalus Sciences offers the best financial opportunity in the U.S. & Canada. Please allow me to share a little about myself so that you can decide the value of my knowledge and experience as consider joining us on our March To Ambassador.

“Thoughts, lead to feelings, lead to actions, lead to results,” that’s been my mantra for most of my life!  I started thinking about financial independence as a 10th grader in high school. I graduated from the U.S. Military Academy in 1996 with a degree in Sociology and Computer Science Engineering. The week after graduation, I was introduced to personal growth and entrepreneurship via network marketing with American Communications Network (ACN).

I started my first business as a personal trainer in 1999 and soon thereafter, I became a real estate investor.  In 2001 within a 90 day period, I structured three deals and acquired over $1M in assets including a 40-unit apartment complex. In 2002, I graduated from George Washington University with an MBA in Entrepreneurship. Also, during that year I became a millionaire. In 2004, I graduated from Georgetown University with a certificate in Financial Planning.  After receiving a number of cold calls from financial advisors, I wondered if they were trained sales people or truly financially educated advisors.  That curiosity led me to accept a position with UBS Financial Services as a financial advisor.  From 2005 to 2006, I earned my Series 7, 66, Life, Health, Variable Annuity, Real Estate, and Mortgage Broker licenses.

In 2006, I accepted an offer to become the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of a real estate/mortgage technology company that was #358 on 2007 Inc500 fastest growing companies list. At UNETA–it’s an acronym for Unique Network of Extraordinary Technological Advancements–we offered an all-in-one online business system aimed at real estate agents, mortgage agencies, and lawyers. It included Internet telephone service, website-making tools, e-mail, and online documents for sales and loan processing. Members paid a monthly fee plus transaction fees. We also had 15 franchisees who sold the system. Although our documented 3-year growth was 784%, we were greatly impacted by the 2008 economic crash.

As an entrepreneur, former financial advisor, former C-Level executive of a fast growing company, and network marketer, I have a unique perspective as it relates to maintaining some objectivity and evaluating financial opportunities.  I share my story not to impress you, but to stress upon you the significance of the opportunity that I see with Visalus.

The #1 exit strategy for an entrepreneur is to be cashed out. Period. One way to do this is to be purchased and another way is to sell stock. Nick Sarnicola, Blake Mallen, and Ryan Blair, the founders, did both. Their company was purchased by Blyth (BTE), a publicly traded company. Although they received millions, they rolled their money back into Blyth to become the 2nd largest stockholder. On August 16, 2012, Blyth announced plans to spin off ViSalus through an initial public offering (IPO) of stock worth up to $175 million. Many companies might be suspected of doing an IPO just to make the founders rich. This is known as an exit strategy, implying that there’s no desire to stick around and create value for shareholders. An IPO is just selling stock. It’s all about the sales job. If you can convince people to buy stock in your company, you can raise a lot of money. The IPO then becomes the end of the road rather than the beginning.

The fact that Nick Sarnicola, Blake Mallen, and Ryan Blair decided to pass on cashing out and to continue to fulfill their vision “to impact life, health, and prosperity around the world”, is an indicator that the best is yet to come.  Watch the video and consider what I have  written here, then come to your own conclusion about the Visalus financial opportunity.

Documentation Beats Conversation:

  • Dial 605.475.3299 pin.580018#. Code: 289# to hear the Six-Figure Income Earner Call with Nick Sarnicola. The recording starts after 3 mins.
  • 2010 Direct Selling News’ Bravo Turnaround Award.
  • 2011 Direct Selling News’ Growth Award.
  • 579% increase – going from $34M in 2010 to $231M in 2011.
  • 2012 1st quarter sales – $136.7M vs. $30M in 2011 1st quarter.
  • 2012 1st quarter promoters – 92,000 vs 16,000 in 2011 1st quarter.
  • Monthly sales since the launch of the Challenge in 2009 – $4M in 2010 and $30M in 2011.
  • 2012 2nd quarter – Sales at ViSalus were $190.4 million vs $40.6 million 2011 2nd quarter.
  • 2012 2nd quarter – 114,000 independent Promoters vs. over 28,000 for the 2011 2nd quarter.

For additional information:

  1. Due Diligence:  www.Facts.Vi.com.
  2. Overview:  www.Overview.Vi.com.
  3. Compensation Plan:  www.Compplan.Vi.com.
  4. Getting Started Training:  www.GST.Vi.com.
  5. Set A Goal. Choose A Kit. Join Us:  www.AskNateScott.BodybyVi.com.

Be Blessed.

  • Nate Scott
  • 904.838.2623
  • Nate@AskNateScott.com

About Nate Scott

Nate Scott is a Christian, Husband, Father, Friend, Professional, Entrepreneur, and Public Servant. His personal mission is to live each day principle-centered based upon Biblical teachings and to be a person of value and positive influence in the lives of the people within his circle of influence. As the co-author of the book, "Pillars of Success", he shares how his faith and life experiences enabled him to become a millionaire at 32. He enjoys working out, basketball, and leisure travel. For additional information, visit www.SucceedwithNateScott.com or schedule a :15 minute consultation @ 904.838.2623.
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