As tens of thousands of service men and women return from deployment in Afghanistan and Southwest Asia, expanded opportunities are needed to ensure veterans and their families can transition into the civilian economy. With its rapid training opportunities, scalability, and need for operational execution and excellence, entrepreneurship provides an ideal career path to enable returning veterans to become leaders of and productive participants in the U.S. economy.

OUR MISSION: Help 100 people/organizations to earn $100K/year and create $1M net worth in order to create a $10M endowment fund to foster personal growth & entrepreneurship.

MY STORY:  I started thinking about financial independence and playing college basketball as a 10th grader in high school.  In 1989, I failed to receive a basketball scholarship, so I enlisted in the Army to continue to work on my game. I served as an enlisted soldier from 1989 to 1992 including participating in the ground offensive during Operation Desert Shield/Storm.  In 1992, I entered into the U.S. Military Academy and graduated in 1996 as a commissioned officer.  I served as an Infantry Officer and Airborne/Ranger from 1996 to 2001.  I completed my service as a Captain at Arlington National Cemetery, the Old Guard. In 2004, just 3 years after getting out of the military, I became a millionaire as a result of applying the entrepreneurial principles that I began learning in 1996.  I share how I was able to do this in the book “Pillars of Success” in which I co-authored with Jim Rohn, Pat Summit, and General Alexander Haig, Jr.


Nate Scott International, LLC provides entrepreneurship education, training, and support to returning service members and veterans.  Our commitment is to provide 10,000 opportunities to veterans and wounded warriors selected as associates or recruited as independent distributors by the end of 2015.

  • Nate Scott
  • 904.838.2623
  • Nate@AskNateScott.com

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