If you were to take a look at society today, it would be no surprise that our younger generations are in need of strong, moral guidance and inspiration. You probably know a group of youth that are misguided in a world of secular trappings, have made bad decisions and are headed for a dead-end path and/or simply need inspiration. If so, I introduce to you one of the nation’s greatest inspirations for young people, Pastor Edward Weston II.

Don’t miss an opportunity to book Weston for your next youth event!!! When booked, he delivers an all-inclusive youth conference (workshops, entertainment, keynote speakers etc). As a preacher and motivational speaker, he uses his life experiences to challenge and charge his listeners. He not only speaks to youth; he addresses parents and youth leaders as well, because he understands that a seed sown in a young individual’s life is only as powerful as the reinforcement and cultivation surrounding it. He has a progressive vision for youth in America and his message embodies a genuine passion to offer positive ‘alternatives’ to mainstream directives.

If you are starting a youth ministry or would like to rekindle the flame of your current ministry, Weston also travels across the country offering consulting services on the dynamics of effective and powerful youth ministries. As the former Youth Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Mandarin in Jacksonville, FL, and soon to be Senior Pastor of Exodus International Ministries Inc. Weston continues to lead fruitful ministries producing youth / young adults that are sold-out for Christ and allowing them to capture the essence of serving God at a young age.

Weston, a native of Jacksonville, FL, graduated from Paxon High School. The oldest of three siblings, and the product of a single-parent home, he is no stranger to the effects of a non-traditional home environment and/or the pressures of making positive decisions at an early age. In his senior year of high school he signed a major recording contract and eventually left college to pursue a music career. That endeavor was not a successful one; however, he went on to serve in the United States Army and eventually started a promotional-based print media marketing firm, employing over 30 people.

Using his experience in the music industry, his marketing savvy and his natural eye for talent, Weston even provides artist development tools, giving young people the proper channels to access an entertainment career.

Pastor Edward C. Weston II is one of north Florida’s best kept secrets. He is a preacher, performer, author and motivational speaker and he’s one who has an unparalleled passion for youth. His zeal for children, youth and young adults is the primary reason he launched a national campaign that focuses on making a positive impact in the lives of at least one million children. Pastor Weston is the President and Founder of 1 Million Kids Safe National Campaign Initiative, which is one of the most aggressive and progressive ventures for Internet safety. His chief concern is the protection of millions of children, who spend numerous hours online, from predatory activity. Weston affirms that 1 Million Kids Safe National Campaign Initiative is a practical antidote that will counteract the dangerous effects of the Internet.

With overwhelming talent and the potential for substantial growth, Pastor Weston has developed a variety of resources that will help parents better their chances at protecting their children from online hazards. One of the tools the initiative has is the One Million Safe web browser, which is software designed to offer a fun, friendly and safer web experience, particularly for those ages 4-12. The browser is designed to give parents more control of what web sites their children surf. Pastor Weston hasn’t stopped there. He has also developed a software entitled Tell-It PC, which is a monitoring software that monitors just about anything that happens on a computer and the Internet, including emails, websites visited, downloads, keystrokes, chat rooms, instant messages and more. This information is recorded, emailed to the parents and even stored for them to review at their convenience.

As an author, Pastor Weston has written a powerful guide that corresponds to the campaign initiative. The book is entitled Untangling Satan’s Web Worldwide: A Parent’s Haven from Internet Havoc. Weston writes a detailed analysis of what he believes are the seven most deadly hazards of the Internet, which include pornography, social networking, Internet predators, video social networking, cyber-bullying, online gaming and net banging.

Weston is also a gifted motivational speaker. He is the spearhead behind the critically acclaimed 1 Million Safe Youth Awareness Rally. The purpose of the Awareness rallies is to promote online responsibility, targeting youth of every race, ethnicity, culture, gender and social class. Weston engages the youth through workshops, panels, forums, celebrity appearances and concerts. He also proposes to make these rallies more effective by partnering with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, media affiliates, entertainment affiliates, corporate affiliates and non-profit organizations.

Pastor Weston is a dynamic visionary. And his ultimate goal through the development and management of 1 Million Safe is to provide a safer Internet environment for millions of kids across the continental United States and even throughout he the world.

He is preacher, teacher, speaker, entrepreneur, musician and mentor; and he uses all of his God-given talent to be an ambassador for youth empowerment.

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