• Super Saturday – July 14th, 10am – 2pm
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • Super Saturday – June 9th, 10am – 2pm.  (Trained: 40).
  • Radisson Hotel Jacksonville Butler Blvd
  • 4700 Salisbury Road
  • Jacksonville, FL 32256
  • 904.281.9700
  • $69 / night. Code: Magnified.


  1. Julie Fobear says:

    Team Magnified’s Super Saturday Training was a GAME CHANGER! My belief in my team, my mentor, my company and myself was truly “magnified” ! I am very grateful to Mr. Catnell, Mr. Scott & the other speakers for their precious time, boundless energy and willingness to share information that will enable all of Team Magnified to grow to the next level. They kept it simple and involved us in the learning process which kept us engaged and we learned by DOING. i.e. role playing, sharing stories, repeating positive mantras, clapping, dancing, shedding tears, hugging, conquering fear and experiencing awesome personal growth. That is some serious value that I have never found anywhere else. I came away with new goals, specific actions to take, and great support from everyone present.

  2. Mincy Pollock says:

    The Super Saturday event was every bit worth the investment. You did a terrific job. Several members from my team attended the event and left with new goals, boldness to overcome fears and massive actions plans. Your practical examples and interactive training made it easy to convert the information into everyday building tools for success. I am confident that since attending your event we will see increase in our overall volume.

  3. Felecia Jordan says:

    What a way to spend a Saturday!! Team Magnified – Super Saturday Event in Jacksonville, FL was Awesome! The energy at this event was MAGNIFYING! When you have leaders like Mr. Cattnell and Mr. Scott training, you know it is going to be great. You guys poured out your passion and knowledge for us to achieve success in our business. I walked away with; 1) be a “Master Inviter” and 2) how to apply the 5 Levels of Leadership to hitting positions in my business. These are just a few of the many mind changing things that I got out of this information packed event. It was more than worth the trip to Jacksonville. Thank you, both, for all you do to support my professional developmemt. Which ultimately impacts my personal development.

  4. Jim Fobear says:

    Team Magnified was truly “magnified”. Great experience for me as it helped me step out of my comfort zone, understand team networking, and develop my Limu experience story. Mr. Cattnell told me to work on my strengths and not my weaknesses. And of course Mr. Scott always conveys “thoughts lead to feelings, lead to actions, leads to results”. Pretty powerful statement. Thank you all.

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