Keith Smith is a successful entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in sales, recruiting and team building. He grew up in Lucedale, MS, a small town in south Mississippi. After graduating from high school, he attended and played baseball at a junior college.

In 1989, Keith entered into the insurance industry and had a successful career as an agent, sales manager and state manager for several insurance companies until 2008. That’s when the economy turned upside down, and he found himself looking for other opportunities to supplement the income he had lost.

In February 2009, Keith was introduced to the network marketing industry via Fortune High-Tech Marketing. In 29 months with that company, he put 1000’s in the business model and earned a high six figure income. Once the company started experiencing momentum killing problems, he resigned.

Keith joined Visalus in August of 2011 for a short period of time before moving to the Limu Company as part of a new Master Distributor leg. In just 45 days, he hit the top of the compensation plan and was a top 10 money earner for the company. In just 10 months with the Limu Company, he achieved the 100K rank in 45 days and 200K rank in six months while putting over 6,000 reps in.

In August of 2012, Keith decided to team up with Nate Scott at Visalus to promote the documented #1 weight loss and fitness challenge in North America and Canada. He believes it’s the best company and system in the world today with the best chance for he and his team to achieve their goals and dreams.

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