Jeff and Allison Blair of Mooresville, NC, are both North Carolina natives and parents to two (almost 3) busy little boys. They met in college where both were competitive water skiers, married in 2001, entered sales jobs in Corporate America, opened a real estate company, and began living the “All American Dream” . . . . or so they thought, until they discovered a direct sales company that refined their dreams and changed life, not only for them, but for many of their friends and family members. Jeff and Allison’s decision to join ViSalus Sciences, America’s Fastest Growing Home Based Business, in April 2011 and to promote the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge turned out to be one of the best decisions of their lives.


Both Jeff and Allison had always been passionate about health and wellness and knew they could truly make a difference for thousands of others through ViSalus; however, when The Challenge began changing the lives of their loved ones, particularly for their parents, it became personal!

By simply sharing America’s Fastest Growing Health Challenge and Weight Loss Platform with everyone they knew, they achieved a six-figure Ambassador income in a short 75 days. They have become two of the top money earners in the network marketing industry with virtually no industry experience! The best part about their story, according to them, is that their story is now “old” because many people who have joined their team, including their parents, best friends, former colleagues, and even strangers have now also changed their lives physically and financially! They believe it’s a “sin” NOT to share The Challenge with everyone and are proud that they are part of a movement that is affecting obesity, the #1 health problem in America.

ViSalus promotes The Challenge through FUN events called Challenge Parties in people’s homes, thus Jeff and Allison spend their days “partying” with those who desire to make a change in their health or their finances. The freedom that they now have to spend with their family, particularly water skiing with their boys on Lake Norman or fishing at Holden Beach, is priceless! Jeff and Allison’s new “All American Dream” is just one decision away for anyone!

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