Successful Entrepreneur, Susan Pacetti is passionate about helping people take control of their health, finances and lifestyle. She is highly experienced in helping individuals, teams, and organizations develop their potential. Her lifestyle demonstrates what love of adventure, learning, focus, and perseverance can yield regardless of background and circumstances.

Susan first became enamored with business after spending several years working in advertising sales at the newspaper. She transitioned from being an employee to businesswoman when she purchased a publication franchise and traded the safety net of a commissioned sales job with benefits while taking risks as an entrepreneur. In securing long term business contracts and guaranteeing their ability to have quality visibility, Susan enjoyed the excitement and challenge of having to produce and a dramatic shift in lifestyle, skills, and perspectives. Today, many aspiring entrepreneurs who enter network marketing experience similar challenges.

Throughout her years as an entrepreneur, Susan was full-time mom and shifted her business focus to network marketing when friends introduced her and ex-husband to a health and wellness company.  The company was Mona Vie -the first company to hit $1B in sales in only 5 years.  She and her ex-husband, Kyle Pacetti, achieved the rank of Hawaiian Blue Diamond with a weekly income of about $10,000/week in less than 2 years with no overflow within this binary compensation plan.  The foundation of their team came from the personal relationships that she had established as the owner/operator of her advertising franchise.

In February 2010, a personal friend, Mike Craig, contacted them about the Visalus opportunity. Mike had just resigned from the corporate side to partner with co-founder, Nick Sarnicola, to build the field.  The timing was right because of the shift in the economy. People were no longer buying add on products and their team saw a significant drop in their income. With the support of six(6) of their personally sponsored leaders, they joined Visalus and launched on February 15.  Within 8 days, they achieved the rank of Ambassador($25,000 Bonus) and 45 days, they achieved the rank of 3-Star Ambassador ($100,000 Bonus) and soon thereafter, 4-Star Ambassador.

On August 15, 2010, Susan launched a new position, independent of the position that she had helped to build to 4-Star Ambassador.  Within 30 days, she achieved the rank of Ambassador and pushed the original position to 5-Star Ambassador ($250,000).  In November 2010, Susan was personally recognized for achieving the rank of 5-Star Ambassador ($100,000 and $250,000 Bonus) and the original position held by ex-husband, Kyle Pacetti was recognized for achieving the rank of Royal Ambassador ($500,000 Bonus).

In a short time she made new lifelong friends and became convinced that network marketing is the perfect vehicle for improving lifestyle with minimal financial risk.  As of September 2012, Susan has helped over 500 people to earn the $600 BMW bonus and 19 people to earn a six-figure income.  

A mother to two adult daughters, Amber and Ashley her family benefited in many ways from her example. Today, she is delighted that her oldest daughter, Ashley and her husband are expecting their first child.

Susan lives in beautiful Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida where she enjoys a wonderful lifestyle surrounded by family and friends. She continues to pursue her passion for helping others excel in business and life.

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